The ‘easter eggs’ of the video clip of ‘Bejeweled’, Taylor Swift’s fairy tale in ‘Midnights’

The second Midnights video clip is full of easter eggs, the already mythical «Easter eggs» that Taylor Swift introduces in her video clips so that the swities enjoy looking for them and analyzing their meaning. We break down the details of the Bejeweled video , an adaptation of Cinderella with Taylor Swift as the protagonist

The video for Bejeweled , the second single from Midnights , is full of easter eggs. It is almost a tradition that Taylor Swift introduces small references to old songs, videos or albums in her video clips . Anti-hero, which was released a few days ago, has a large number of them.

His personal life is also reflected in a certain way in his works. She has included in different portraits of her grandmother, of her cats , she has included symbolism towards her ex-partners… Taylor Swift is an expert in hiding details so that her fans discover them. «We have a PDF file for the easter eggs in this video because there are so many we couldn’t keep track of,» she revealed to Jimmy FalloN on the Tonight Show.

Same cover as the ‘Anti-hero’ video

An identical close-up for the cover of the video clips for the first and second Midnights singles.

Anti-hero and Bejeweled share an identical slider template, with Taylor Swift staring into the camera.

In addition, on the cover of Bejeweled Taylor wears a necklace with 12 jewels -representing her 12 albums- that she sells as official merchandise on her website.

‘Bejeweled’, his own adaptation of the story of Cinderella

For Bejeweled the artist has created her own adaptation of the Cinderella fairy tale . With a couple of twists in the story, the artist turns the story around to fit her personal story.

Oscar winner Laura Dern gets into the skin of the stepmother of a poor Taylor who can not help but resign herself to scrubbing floors before the taunts of her stepsisters . They seek to conquer the prince to live in the castle… But they do not know that Taylor will end up being the queen.

Sounds ‘Enchanted’ in the scene of the stepsisters

As Taylor sweeps the floor and her wicked stepsisters ponder poisoning the rest of the maidens to get «the prize of all prizes,» the prince’s hand, Taylor Swift’s Speak Now song Enchanted plays in the background .

The key words of the dialogue between stepmother and stepsisters

  • The stepmother uses Taylor’s last name in a play on words: «Did you get tired of her pretty quickly or should I say quickly?» (quickly would be swiftly , much like Swift)
  • It also refers to the «exile» in which Cinderella lives, condemned to serve in the house. Exile ( exile in Castilian) is also the name of one of the songs on the Folklore album.
  • Danielle Haim, who plays one of the stepsisters, sneers «goodbye, snake «, precisely the same adjective with which the networks crushed her after her controversy with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Already on the Reputation album she turned to snakes to transform the symbol of hate she received into her own worth.

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